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DTU iGEM Team 2018
Building Mycotextures
The DTU BioBuilders worked to develop a toolbox so properties of fungi could be manipulated and exploited to build fungal materials. 

DTU iGEM Team 2017
Detecting Snake Venom
Envenomation by snakebite is one of the most neglected diseases with an estimated 5 million bites. These result in about 100,000 deaths and 400,000 disabilities annually. This project explores a new method to diagnose snake venom using synthetic biology to produce substrates, targeting the distinctive venom proteases of different snake families.

DTU iGEM Team 2016
Yeastilization focuses on creating a combined solution of the worlds future excessive consumption of crops for non-feed purposes and increasing waste generation. By using a non-conventional yeast, Yarrowia liplytica, as chassis, we provide a new avenue for production of biotech products. Y. lipolytica has a broader substrate range than the traditional workhorse of the biotech industry, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which allows for the use of industrial biproducts instead of primarily produced glucose as substrate for fermentation.

DTU iGEM Team 2015
The Synthesizer

The Synthesizer is a standardized method to rationally design the synthesis of novel biologically active compounds, potentially revolutionizing the production of products such as pigments, antibiotics and immunosuppressant drugs

2014DTU iGEM Team 2014
The PoPS Calculator
The Spinach RNA is an aptamer, which can bind to DFHBI to create a fluorophore that resembles GFP in spectral properties. This provides a way to easily quantify RNA concentration and allows promoter activities to be calculated in units Polymerases Per Second (PoPS). The possibility of measuring promoter activity in absolute terms will enable researchers to share and compare results obtained in different labs, and better characterise the function of promoters.

2013DTU iGEM Team 2013
Requiem for a Stream
The project worked towards developing a microbial system for removing ammonia (NH3) from waste water, and via two E. coli mutants, and turning it into nitrous oxide (N2O).

2011-1DTU iGEM Team 2011 - 1 
The Universal Tool for Gene Silencing
We have investigated a novel type of RNA regulation based on the chitobiose system, where the inhibition caused by a small RNA is relieved by another small RNA called trap-RNA. We explore the possibility of using the system to uniquely target and repress any gene of interest, potentially providing unprecedented specificity and control of gene silencing. Furthermore we constructed araBAD promoters with varying promoter activities using synthetic promoter libraries.

2011-2DTU iGEM Team 2011 - 2 
Plug 'n' Play with DNA
We are designing a novel standardized assembly system, called "Plug 'n' Play with DNA", where any biological parts can be gathered without use of restriction enzymes and ligases.
Our goal is to create a new assembly standard of biological parts in the form of pre-produced PCR-products, which can be directly mixed with a vector. This will make synthetic biology faster and assembly of an expression vector possible within a few hours.

2010DTU iGEM Team 2010
The Bi[o]stable switch  
The aim of this project is to engineer a genetic bistable switch that produces two different, mutually exclusive outputs when given two different inputs. The switch is based on the repressor-anti-repressor system of the Salmonella phages Gifsy1 and Gifsy2 and the λ-phage anti-termination system. The latest induced output will remain stable through generations, even once the input ceases, due to the phage regulatory systems.

2009DTU iGEM Team 2009  
The Redoxilator & the USER Fusion Standard 
By in silico design and computer modelling followed by gene synthesis, we have constructed a molecular NAD+/NADH ratio sensing system in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The sensor works as an inducible transcription factor being active only at certain levels of the NAD+/NADH ratios. By the coupling of a yeast optimized fast degradable GFP, the system can be used for in vivo monitoring of NAD+/NADH redox poise.


Christopher Workman
Associate Professor
DTU Bioengineering
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iGEM Gold medal

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